How to create cheats on the game?

Hi all.
I'm a beginner programmer, I watched the video tutorials on the languages C++ and C# and so on. I want to be a coder, well create third-party software and so on. For example, I watched the tutorials on how to create cheats for the game CS:GO, and there I do not understand one thing, there is for example string PlayerBox and so on, and when learning a language I have these lines have never seen, so what is it? every game they are different how do you know? How to look for them at all? Is there a link for DirectX generally there? I just don't understand all this, do not scold if something is not write, as I said earlier I'm a beginner;) Thanks for the reply.
July 2nd 19 at 18:18
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July 2nd 19 at 18:20
Imagine that you wrote a game in which the man runs through the maze and collect the treasures.
If it falls from a height x, then he dies and he gets 1 life, and the level starts from the beginning.

To take a life - it's just stored somewhere, the number with the number of lives, and somewhere there is a team that takes there is unity.
The task cheater to find this command and remove. Then lives forever.
Or you can find the place in memory where you store life and put it 100.
Or you can find the place where it is considered the height from which he dies, and put it much higher to not die.
Or replace command -1 to +1, and the number of lives will increase.

In General, for cheating no need to learn special magic, you just need to learn how to program, and understand how the software works. Then we can try to tweak them.
Well, the games are created in different languages.

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