How to generate seo url for opencart added products?

In General, searched the whole Google and not found the answer.
Is there a website with a database, but it was filled correctly and the goods are not seo url. Is there a module that allows you to automatically signalrate for already created products seo url?
With opencart part of code worked a little, because to write it I can not, because don't know the device base, to dazzle banal script which will be held in the database and generates the.
In principle you only need to script which will register in the table, the url (something like url = name+model+id). But again, I don't know how the OBD opencart (in case ocStore where else might be involved in this field.
Google gives only a generator when creating a product.
Thank you in advance!
July 2nd 19 at 18:23
1 answer
July 2nd 19 at 18:25
Alternatively, I can here the module poprobovatj

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