How to implement an analysis of the database for Joomla for further interaction contact?

Good night, dear toasteroven!
Please tell me a sensible language how to implement my task.
So the bottom line is, there is the idea of creating a site where the system will automatically connect the users (people) on the basis of the total requirements. I will try to explain on the example of philately (stamp collectors). For example, recorded a Ivanov I. I. in whose collection there are extra mark "Mauritius" 1847, he is willing to trade or sell, but his collection lacks the mark of "Jenny" in 1918, which he is willing to buy or trade. In the same way on the website is logged Smirnova E. A. looking for "Mauritius" in 1847 and Popov V. K. which has extra "Jenny" of 1918. The system analyzes the database and finds these people for shared needs. Further, both parties a notification is sent to contacts of the second party, for example in the form of SMS. Therefore people have signed up, identified their needs and waits quietly (or continues to search for brands on other sites of their brands) when you see people with a common need on the website. Gathering people, this is a secondary point, I believe that the need for this kind of website exists not only in Russia.
Ask why explain on stamps? because each brand has a clear title and the year of issue. Accordingly, chances to make a mistake in the analysis of needs and bringing people together for the future of communications is minimized. I hope I could explain my need. For example, have made a small picture attached below.
The essence is that at the moment I practice creating Joomla sites, so I want to ask how on this engine to implement such a Fig or are there any plugins or something.
Please, please don't throw stones and don't point the finger at me that I'm stupid and just can't do Neher climb to the creators of the sites. Just have a real idea you want to implement on the unicellular level to understand it thoroughly, and then go to the experts that it is implemented on a planetary scale.
Thank you all in advance for your time
July 2nd 19 at 18:24
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July 2nd 19 at 18:26
Split the entire work into two parts:
1. Collecting data from users.
2. Data processing.

1. Collecting data from users.
For this You will need a component. You must create a view with a form for collecting and recording data from users. Display form only for authorized users. After data validation, record them in a database, thus you can immediately check for duplicates.
2. Data processing. Create a controller in the same component, the effect of which must be programmed to bypass the matching of the generated data. In case of a match tie one way or the other users.
And what kind of components? can you tell? - maymie commented on July 2nd 19 at 18:29
: it can be said structural unit in Joomla - adell17 commented on July 2nd 19 at 18:32

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