Calculator in php+ajax when calling via shortcode breaks the layout of the entire site. What I did wrong? How to solve?

Made a calculator in php+ajax, but when you call more than two calculators using the shortcode breaks the layout of the entire site. What to do?
Developed a plugin for WordPress calculator designer.
The plugin is developed on MVC almost never use the WordPress api.
Calculator in the record is displayed using a shortcode.

Problem: when output in a category more than one record with shortcode calculator breaks down the output and layout of a page category, lost the recording after the second recording with the calculator is lost or not the footer is displayed and the category name in the header over the records categories! And also, do not open a second record with the second calculator!

Page of the site, where there are all the bugsстикеры-и-пломбы/#50
Your page should look like with the right calculators in the records, only they are not there, because they appear bugsполиграфия-большая...

Link to the plugin calculator

Maybe someone has experienced or can give advice or help directly!
July 2nd 19 at 19:08
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