How to switch to HTTPS for the search system?


I read and read a lot all the information on the transition to a secure connection. People write, some — someone in that much, for example, to replace all external links to third party sites // (facepalm.jpg). In General, the internal preparation for the move, everything is clear — replace all links to pages, scripts, Seeley and other files to a relative is easy. But exactly how and in what sequence to carry out certain operations of moving subject to the requirements, opportunities and pitfalls of the search engines (Yasha and goshi) — I is not fully understood. For those asking for help of experienced people. Help efficient and accurate recommendations.

Let's first consider moving to Google.
Classic — the most popular recommendations for Google from the network are reduced to simple — custom redirect all pages to HTTPS and adding the site to the panel of service Webmasters goshi and truncated. But here's what one person wrote:

Custom 301 redirect page, but don't add website in webmaster because in this case Google is on the website at and scans all pages with https, considering the first time, this website is absolutely new. This leads to the sagging position. As redirect the robot did not see, and instead went to the main page of the site with https and sitemap.xml where found complete duplicates of all internal pages with https.

How to make positions in Google do not suffer? We also began to think the matter over and we came up with the idea to do a little differently.

The main challenge is to make sure that Google saw a redirect from each page on each. And for this the correct way to feed old again sitemap.xml where are the links to the old page with the Protocol http:// and redirect to the https version.

We turned for help to the developers. It was to fulfill a requirement to redirect all pages from http:// to https:// except Here, must lie the old sitemap.xml and with the old address http:// and the new address – will the new, with addresses https://.

Then we go in Search Console Google and ask to handle the site map again in the old account (with respect to http), the new not yet set up!

At this time the redirects are already set up on all pages except On this page there is an old Sitemap with old addresses.

The robot, processing each address specified in it, sees the 301 redirect to the page with https and glue them together. For two days we moved all the pages on your website. In this position, and traffic is absolutely not deteriorated. In proof of this provided by dynamics...

The same thing we did with still 40 projects and have observed absolutely the same picture with traffic and positions. So today, we can safely say that this method works better than others we have tried the instructions many experts.

So do not add the Google site Search Console with https. Google needs to find all the redirects myself. So you should either sit quietly and wait until he does, or to speed up the process of indexing and bonding by updating the old sitemap.xml


And then add the site with HTTPS in the dashboard of the webmaster.


To me his position seems reasonable, but what do you say on this proposal?

Now about moving in Yandex.
With the abolition of the circumstances of the Directive host and the introduction of new rules it all became easier, but I do not understand the final sequence. A week ago on one of the sites did so:

— prepared site (changed all the links)
— set up a 301 redirect to HTTPS (now all open via a secure Protocol)
— went to the bar webmaster
— chose the moving site to HTTPS
indicated new .an xml Sitemap with HTTPS
after a few days in webmaster panel has a website with HTTPS with the http sub-tab
confirmed it
— wait.

And then I read this article (mentioned above) and there is a sequence of actions is different:
— specify in the website with HTTPS
— wait for the appearance of processing the request
— and then a custom 301 redirect to HTTPS

Yandex writes a little differently:
— added HTTPS domain in webmaster
— custom 301 redirect to HTTPS
— both sites must be accessible to the robot
— send the removal request to HTTPS

In another statement the same Yandex writes another sequence of actions:
— to set up 301 redirects
— use the tool of moving the website to the webmaster

Practice final please tell me the exact sequence of actions the sequence of which is correct and minimize possible losses.
June 3rd 19 at 18:52
1 answer
June 3rd 19 at 18:54
Well, all right you are the webmaster of two sites with https without him, which without him would be a request for relocation with https
1) all pages are to be 301 redirect to the appropriate with https (EXCEPT robots.txt and sitemap.xml these two files must 200 status for both protocols)
2) robots.txt - should the trade hosts
3) sitemap.xml you can leave with new URLs, but I gelak as advised by "people" I had two old and new URLs

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