What's the code for the form settings?

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I have an external report, which consists of the main form report and form settings. In the report form there is a procedure Thatinitially(), in which there is such a line:
Setting = Vosstanovitelnye("НастройкаВнешниеОтчетыОтчетПоПродажамотчет_bc255d0a-6990-4005-90ed-07f6658e08bf");

Tell me, please, what does the entry in brackets (in bold), what is the character set and where it came from? How to get it if you need something to change.
Procedure Thatinitially()
 // Set up report Builder
 Petrotellukoil.Text =
 | Prodigiality.Period AS Period,
 | Prodigiality.The counterparty AS Counterparty,
 | SUM(Prodigiality.Sumobot) AS Sumobot
 | Registraciya.Sale.Momentum(, , Month ) AS Prodigiality
 | Prodigiality.Period
 | Prodigiality.The counterparty
 | SUM(Sumobot)
 | Period
 | Contractor
 | Period
 | The counterparty.*}";

 Petrotellukoil.Zapolneniya = ВидЗаполненияРасшифровкиПостроителяотчета.Zachinyaeva;
 Petrotellukoil.Texttagtable = "Report";
 //Restore saves the settings
 Setting = Vosstanovitelnye("НастройкаВнешниеОтчетыОтчетПоПродажамотчет_bc255d0a-6990-4005-90ed-07f6658e08bf");
 If Setting <> Undefined Then
 //Apply the settings to the Builder

June 3rd 19 at 18:54
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June 3rd 19 at 18:56
Global context (Global context)
Vosstanovitelnye (RestoreValue)
Description: Retrieves the value previously stored using method Sohranitsya.

Don't know what the developer was thinking by giving such a name to the saved settings - probably about the uniqueness of the name. In any case, this method can read only previously explicitly stored. To read some system settings or report settings for other users it is not.

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