What files should be on github?

For experienced colleagues probably my question will sound stupid but I will ask nonetheless)
Here I have laid out the website and decided that you need to place it on github. So:
1. In the master branch should be the source code, including a folder with the preprocessor files (Less)?
2. you need to use github pages? I created another branch gh-pages, but was given a 404 error.
Please see the profile, and I feel piled nonsense(
June 3rd 19 at 18:55
2 answers
June 3rd 19 at 18:57
1. It is better to leave, because then it will be easier to modify the website.

2. Everything works. Here it is: https://zi-web.github.io/kidzmaster/
Thanks, on the first point is clear, and for the second..
Initially gh-page copied all source code from the wizard, then added back again and the compiled css..) so you can see the website but without half of the pictures. - luther.Schroeder64 commented on June 3rd 19 at 19:00
because in css try segurity, for example, /img/rainbow.png, and it lies on the path /kidzmaster/img/rainbow.png. In HTML you have a relative path. - cortney.Kuhic commented on June 3rd 19 at 19:03
exactly. thank you!
and after each change in the website, the gh-page, you must manually change?
I thought the inexperience that will flood the source code in both branches will be everything is beautiful, and sources for the presentation show) - luther.Schroeder64 commented on June 3rd 19 at 19:06
Yes, the code in gh-pages or need to push with your hands or do pullrequests from another branch. - cortney.Kuhic commented on June 3rd 19 at 19:09
June 3rd 19 at 18:59
the structure of the project, to each his own, for example:
/public/ - here a compiled project (only needed for github pages)
/source/ - there is a project in its original form (less, html, js, fonts, img, ... - all of which compile the project)
readme.md - description repository
index.html here you can redirect to make the folder public, or leave the map layout (if the page a lot)
Thanks for the clarification!
Maybe You I'll tell you what's wrong with my branch gh-page, why is there no half images. Like how to display only those that are inserted into html..
https://github.com/Zi-web/kidzmaster/tree/gh-pages - luther.Schroeder64 commented on June 3rd 19 at 19:02

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