How to deal with is obfuscated in a non-standard tags?

On one site I noticed that climbs the ads and AdBlock doesn't make it. Out of curiosity I looked in the DOM, there are multiply nested tags with made-up random names:
<ddl2dr8 class="r23zBm1WcI44GK fLn9bus2u0R18t0 xWagt590uZ5pmz5 k9ucZ31s2S0">
 <vx0i class="f78uOPod6L00Rdf o156AH974A7K2 lm5tHiPIgSp vn9ORD716Ob6SH8">
 <fitllo class="koxU4bd713hHOQQ tEWXIytUWN3fq j30PLqMZHl1">
 <nvtucj class="aom9OEA9d0 u925be6d7D0 s3qeq64NQte"></nvtucj></fitllo></vx0i></ddl2dr8>

screen code

In the source code of the page, these tags are not, they are created dynamically by scripts.

Question: what is the easiest way parabot such advertising?

the site where it was found
kinozal . tv

upd. There was a post on Habre it is about this case.
June 3rd 19 at 18:56
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