What control system to choose 3 projects and 15 employees?

Good afternoon. Need a simple and effective project management system.

Describe the task. I have 3 referrals. 1) Internet 2) network publics in VK, 3) game server. Each project has its own employees who pose the problem. Each project has a list of tasks that can be assigned to someone and can just hang in the status "waiting". Need some sort of management system projects in which I will be adding the project, staff, task, attach and assign tasks to people. The main thing that was some sort of common page where you can follow all three projects. In fact the system I will only use I to just control the progress of work on projects, and I will know who has what tasks, all 10-15 employees.

At the moment I use trello. Every project has its own Board. In each Board employee belongs to its list. Accordingly, if someone set a task, she falls into his list. It is up to a certain point it was convenient, but keeping track of 3 projects in 3 tabs becomes uncomfortable and some tasks are forgotten.

Can you please tell me the solution. I'm sure it's obvious and has long been implemented, you just need to find it. Thank you.
June 3rd 19 at 18:58
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June 3rd 19 at 19:00
Catch from my selection:
https://planfix.ru/prices/ — Price of 290, 490 or 640 p /person per month - depending on the capabilities of the system. Interest rates and opportunities, there is a time-tracker (2016)
https://megaplan.ru/calculation/ — Price is 250R per person per month (2016)
https://www.bitrix24.ru/prices/ is a complex combine
https://basecamp.com/3/pricing — 29$ without customers, 79$ with clients (2016)
https://www.wrike.com/price/ — the limitations of the free option for nesting of tasks and functionality of the entire system. There are mobile apps. Liked inside. Free version has no subtasks. (2016)
https://asana.com/pricing — There is a free version. But it feels unintuitive Kaka. Solovyov advised her. (2016)
worksection.com/price.html — Free download only on 2 (2016)
https://zettaplan.ru/price/ (2016)
www.teambridge.ru From 1000₽ (2016)
https://www.producteev.com/pricing — Like is free full version and apps for mobile. But the project nesting = task-subtask = little. And somehow all beginning (2016)
https://pyrus.com/ru/pricing — From 9P per person per day (2016)
promo.advanta-group.ru/advanta From 5454р (2016)
helpcenter.onlyoffice.com/ru/faq/free-cloud.aspx compared with wrike only restrictions on nesting problems, otherwise fully functional. But no mobile apps. Inside normal. (2016)
https://workflowy.com/ — unlimited nesting of subtasks, flexible task management, there are tags. Looks like a list with nested lists (2016)
synkra.com/login — Sad shit on the list of things in one level (2016)
https://ru.todoist.com/business — the descriptions of everything is beautiful, but in the free version stupid a list of sibling cases do not usability. In the free version there is no debate. (2016)
https://planiro.com/ru/pricing — Similar to the Beatrix, but simpler and cuter. Only paid (2016)
Planfix in the first place. - Angelita.Wo commented on June 3rd 19 at 19:03
what? - Casey_Feil commented on June 3rd 19 at 19:06
June 3rd 19 at 19:02
I would advise https://flowlu.ru/. In projects, you can throw a task list, without charge, and to instruct them when required. Well as a summary page of all tasks is - what, to whom assigned, the status of each.
June 3rd 19 at 19:04
PS: Not to be confused with 1C-Bitrix.
June 3rd 19 at 19:06
Brake, buggy, poorly translated. Heard many times about it but have no idea how it is possible to simultaneously conduct 3 projects in each of the 5 employees, kontrollit. - Angelita.Wo commented on June 3rd 19 at 19:09
worked in several places where there were 50-100 employees and dozens of projects.
Yes, buggy, Yes, curve. But is the mainstream, the other options are worse. - Casey_Feil commented on June 3rd 19 at 19:12
Undoubtedly the best tracker. BUT:
- After 10 uchetok start absolutely insane prices.
- Connect to MySQL hell and demons - manually edit the XML file!
Confluence - worth individual money. And with the switch to MySQL it all worse.

If you use tracker, you can look at redmine - Madyson.Schaef commented on June 3rd 19 at 19:15
June 3rd 19 at 19:08
Simple) taiga.io
Other comments are superfluous. Everything is free, comfortable. There is even a semblance of its Confluence
June 3rd 19 at 19:10
June 3rd 19 at 19:12
It's not the tool but the approach. Are you trying to manage too many people. Effective span of control is 3-7 depending on your skills.

It would be correct to allocate responsible for the group and set them goals and not tasks, and is a responsible set goals for their groups and monitor their implementation.

It is so easy to operate and more productive.

And I don't know if you've heard something about Scrum, if not then read. Your role is Product Owner.
June 3rd 19 at 19:14
http://worksection.com/ - perfect for Your tasks!
Create 3 projects, each with their own tasks, subtasks. Add in each project the right staff, start work. In tasks you can create to-do lists, attach photos, files, maintain records of time and money, set deadlines and responsible. There is a mode of the Kanban Board (the analogue of Trello)

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