Is there a ready heartbeat service/server for Raspberry PI sending email notifications?

At home I have a print server on the Raspberry PI. And here from time to time it goes offline for a variety of reasons (for example - it randomly turned off from the network, but there were more intricate). The fact that failure happens - itself is not terrible, the problem is that it turns out this fact at the time when you need to print something and print urgently. And even better me and wife.

The actual method of countering known for a long time is a heartbeat. The Raspberry PI should indicate that she's alive after a certain period of time. And if it ceased to do it is considered loose. That's just a theory, you also need a real solution.

Of course, you can take a do it yourself task for a couple of hours. I have a dev on ubuntu in a network with a nice uptime. On a site of 2 methods and database with one plate with two Boolean values. But on the Raspberry PI in General, for the crown to send curl-Ohm heartbeet requests. Just something simple, but can be still there ready services, which carry out heartbeet-monitoring?

As a solution I present an existing Internet service, which zaregilsja, add your device and email and the interval after which the device is considered to have fallen, and in response to a link to heartbeat requests. Or it can be any package for ubuntu which performs such monitoring and sending messages on output offline in/return to online. Well, anything that already exists.
June 3rd 19 at 19:02
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June 3rd 19 at 19:04
zabbix is all yours!:)

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