How to send queries similar to the form using js?

Suppose a situation: you produce the tar Shiki DRRR Shh pam pam (conditional Boolean and arithmetic operations) with a value in js and at some point want to send it to the processing server (or more precisely its php scripts), what is supposed to happen regardless of the actions of the user. Like all users, which is now 3:00 and opened your website with js a request is sent to the server that contains the nickname of the user (logged on to the website) and even some biliberdu(same value), and on the server, this data is sent to the table "Owls who love our site and use it at night" and the table "Obviously premium users". Ask the question and I think that will answer me: "Ajax is the solution to your problems", but I don't know if I should learn this now if it is the solution to my problem. Interested to know the solution to the original js.
June 3rd 19 at 19:02
1 answer

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