Is it possible to create a normal bot for code review, it may already be full of these, and demanded whether he would (if you create)?

Being an indie developer and for the first time confronted with teamwork, I was very surprised by their approach to "quality of code".
The style must be the same: write in this file the parentheses with spaces - write, and you're right.
Each design must be optimal without a single superfluous part.
Cannot be repeated no matter the influence on the performance.
And so on. I was not able to all get used to it: remember the old mistakes, but make new ones. The rule set is large enough.

And as I understand it, most teams that way.

And of course, recovery would prefer at once to obtain a code without all the hassle.

So I thought - what if it was a bot, which is integrated into github on the principle of CI, and checked the incoming code?
It is clear that he will be very limited, but maybe still be able to achieve a worthwhile level?
Or are even already there?

A bot could give reviewers questionnaire design some time to analyze manual review and study.

The bot would reviewers work twice - first, not to write too much comments, and secondly, the bot just don't let it be bad for them to read code that has to deal with.
June 3rd 19 at 19:03
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