How to remove the jump image when downloading?


On the website citywalking.Russia made a preloader.
Class .loader with the attached logo.svg. Immediately after the body.
On the desktop all fine, works as it should.
On mobile, when you download there is a jump of the image from the bottom right corner to the center. (see using the emulator Google Chrome DevTools).
Styles for preloader spelled out in the head. The alignment of the embedded image (which jumps) through the pos absolute and negative margin.
Tried to register the styles in the item itself - does not help.
Tried alignment using line-height: 100vh and text-align: center to the parent - leap remains, not only from the bottom right hand corner but just right.
Tried to replace the svg to png did not help. Set the values of width/height in the tag - jump.

Can anyone suggest how to fix the center?... I would be very grateful!..
June 3rd 19 at 19:18
0 answer

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