How to make a reaction to the cursor on the cell that triggered this event, the contents of that cell would be copied to the DIV?

4. Add to the bottom cell of the table the reaction to the cursor of the mouse on the cell (onMouseOver event - by analogy with the familiar us onClick) that triggered this event, the contents of the cell (the innerHTML property) would be copied into the DIV element you created in step 3.

5. Add under the DIV element of claim 3 field for text input () and the button next to it. To write a reaction on pressing the power button so that typed in the text input when the user clicked the text "prikleilsya" to the contents of the upper-left cell of the bottom table. (For example: cell says "Some text" and posted the picture ("Some text<picture>"). We recruit in the field to enter the text "More text" and click on the button. The content upper-left cell is changed to "Some text<picture>More text").

I hover on the first cell after adding row in div-e displays its initial contents, and should display the current contents.
Well I can do. Please help.
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June 3rd 19 at 19:25
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