How to search for images for 3d modeling?

Where do you look for images of objects with projections for modeling?
Or is the only option with that Google search several similar images and manual docking?
June 3rd 19 at 19:25
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June 3rd 19 at 19:27
About projections I'm not sure, but if you generalize to the concept art, inspirations, etc. It is always taken from a specific list of sites:
Artstation, an incredibly huge base of models and drawings, well, if quietly taskinstance someone's model in profile for further modeling on it, then no one will scold
Pinterest, a lot of garbage in the search, but the content more than in any other place, the main poshamanit with tags
In addition to searching on Google, I suggest wool and Yandex, too, from experience I can say that the conclusion they have completely different, I often here and there found useful
Well, another subsidiary of Tul - program PureRef, free and neveroyatnye convenient for different kinds of artists and modelers

UPD: I most likely will correct Artstation is generally initially the location of the portfolio, a AAA+ game companies post there job, but for mere mortals it's also a place where you can go drool at the masterpiece model or drawings
June 3rd 19 at 19:29
The problem is that it is generally the reverse process. I as an engineer (which looks for all the models somewhere in the astral plane) I can tell you that the three-dimensional image is formed in the head, expressed in the form of a spatial model and then (sometimes during) the construction of projections for uniqueness of understanding(correction) form. I mean, the original image is here three-dimensional, and the projection of the end - product. Not Vice versa.
But on the contrary is a reverse-engineering trick which is what you have to think out all that is ambiguous and that's why it's one of the really difficult tasks that require high competence and understanding of the model directly at the level of the three-dimensional image. No wonder there is a darkness of methods.. you can tell, obfuscation models to complicate the process of reverse engineering the image.
This is all to say that all community commercial( and not) use 3D models intends avoids orthogonal projections and gives either only one, relatively the main, or even limited to axonometric views, which give only a General idea of the shape. And it all means that either you use your talent with surround-view and imagination to Refine existing, or buy someone else's for the effluent from finished 3D model.

How can you cheat? Not very productive, because the modelers do not want to lose money on it, but workable: aggregators and sinks sometimes have a built-in three-dimensional viewing, with the usual PrintScreen which you can pull as many projection. Sketchfab, for example. Problem two: there is almost always under construction the prospect and the resolution of the screenshot is not so hot.
Well, actually other story (CGTrader, for example) also have the right to life - there is often also given at least two projections. Also with the prospect, of course. As a rule of projection is unsuitable for copying because of the distortion but may be will be enough.

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