The link is not working of the announcement (teaser) full preview content in Drupal8?

The website on Drupal 8, edit the twig template, in the views display FORMAT
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Show Content | Announcement - field is not used, as there are some photos and the announcement need only one photo, and shows all(

Part of the pattern - that's when the announcement - the link to the tittle does not work, although the types of material is a mark Link. 4th day scratching their head, not very good at this
<_div class="views-row views-row">
<_div class="title">
<_h3>{{ content.title }}<_/h3><_/div>

<+_div class="phone">{{ content.field_phone }}<_/h3><_/div>
<_div class="block1">
<_div class="foto"> {{ content.field_foto }}<_/div>

And yet, if anyone knows twig'Ah - let your contacts!
June 3rd 19 at 19:25
1 answer
June 3rd 19 at 19:27
1. To control the display image in the Preview display in the image field, gear must be field ui to put a number, for example 1 to output the first image
2. For comfortable work with the twig, turn on development mode in Drupal (disable caching and enable debug threads), put the module vardumper and in templates using {{ vardumper() }} look at the contents of the output

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