How effective Codewars and/or CodinGame for practice?

Read the book "Grochem algorithms" and realize that you know nothing. Read just no where to apply. Since the book is narrated about the algorithms at the most basic level and mathematics was slightly more than not at all, I want to read books on algorithms are more serious. But there is practice and out of all the fun in my opinion sites allocated Codewars and CodinGame. The first contains many tasks of different levels, and the second is made in the form of games and perhaps the algorithm does not apply. How helps such sites in practice and whether they will be effective?
June 3rd 19 at 19:27
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June 3rd 19 at 19:29
It depends on what will be practice. But on the other hand, the practice depends on what you know. In CodinGame often to the problem make reference to the algorithms to use (for example A* for path finding, neural networks and genetic algorithms) just have to go through elementary levels and get to something

Sites useful to those that encourage through gamification and competition.

In principle, you can also join opensource project or to come up with the problem themselves, solve problems with interviews (for example, sometimes Yandex publishes), take summer school or do a school project.
June 3rd 19 at 19:31
For the most part, knowledge of algorithms is an academic knowledge and everyday writing, you are unlikely to be the trees roll. Yes, it is useful to get acquainted with basic algorithms and data structures, to understand the complexity of the algorithms and operations when working with structures, but, for the first time, nothing more.

Don't know about CodinGame, but codewars is more about the problems of logic, not algorithms. This service will help, if you are still uncertain speak the language syntax or if there are problems with the conversion of the logical chains in the code. If these skills are mastered, proceed to draft a closer reality.

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