How to create/remove/block user freeradius?

Good afternoon.
You have a server with Freeradius, users are in a Mysql database.
It is necessary through the site, which is located on another server to create a user, for example on the wordpress.

How to create/remove/block user freeradius ?

My solution:
1) Open the database to the outside world and using sql to create users. Smuschyaet access to the database from outside.
2) brute force to check rlm_rest module for freeradius and configure the rest api.
Method of sorting thanks to the "wonderful" documentation for this module: "FIXME"
Link to of. documentation: .
3) Write your squeak/program with the api. And twist it on the server.
4) Google, Google and once again Google. <--- now I'm here.
June 3rd 19 at 19:28
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