How to change the "cups-pdf.conf" virtual printer if any uri "cups-pdf:/any" default config anyway?

Configure a virtual printer, PDF.
HPColorLaserJet1500 well in any way did not want clinging to Windows7 (BU upgraded station). And no drivers for 7-ku for SonyUp-*895, and the like (instead of the two PC that was the one under 7th Windows, dira on it works too). The job comes and the channel into the abyss. Number of pages - N/A, the printer flashes a light bulb and napechatat. For the Cupd-pdf machine (7 coy) printing can.Decided in the PostProcessing to add your files odieuse on WinXP (running as a service and just accepts, writes to the file and copy to the printer). Added to check postprocessing script on a cups print server. The script works, renamed file. But to force the printer to write in different directories can't. And it is necessary to print on different physical printers (send on different machines with windowsXP). You can of course one machine to give user printman-1 and the other printman-2, and so to distinguish them, but not beautiful. Want the same, so in different directories. And in cups-pdf.c like honestly written that checks the uri... But gentoo-shnye sources are not looked when collected.

Thus the question is: Do someone cups-pdf is certainly allowed to change the case in the uri? Is there a workaround?
In the source code is not yet climbed. Sorry of course if is ...*uri=...(); just the function prototype :)

Yeshe, after installing cups-filters, cups-windows, gutenprint, hplip timed out (probably) fell off a web muzzle (option printer). Then check for a faster PC.
June 3rd 19 at 19:29
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