How to customize the display of artifacts Galaba in the wiki?

You have a private repository on your galabe. Using Networks create CI builds and documentation (swagger).
Can't find the documentation/tutorials of how to give it to your colleagues?
Ideally, I would like to configure what Networks would CI have updated the wiki links to the latest builds for the major branches, and update the documentation. Or, for example, publish it on the networks pages.
But I have not found in documentation how to vzaimodeystvovat either the first or second Networks from the configuration CI.
June 3rd 19 at 19:30
1 answer
June 3rd 19 at 19:32
Inside CI:

  1. git clone [repository pages or wiki]
  2. magic in bash (cp, echo, sed, what you there have)
  3. git add+commit+push

As for me, it's easier than writing a script with the API to interact with.

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