How to work with Telegram API (not a bot)?

There was such task:

Every N hours, send to the bot (not my) message, receive the response and use this response in the future.
Draw your attention once again: NO TELEGRAM BOT API

How do you implement such task? Yes, there will no longer be writing on behalf of the bot to another bot (tried).
As it says in the documentation that this can be done using Telegram API, but a little proshares the Internet, I realized that the telegram API uses encryption, thanks to which (or maybe no thanks), I can't support this API as well as from telegram bot api.
I found some libraries, but I would like to do without them, especially you want to perform such a simple task, which requires essentially 2 actions, sending and reading everything.

Help than can, and please don't throw for show a link to the documentation, it has to be an explanation on the "human".
Thank you!
June 3rd 19 at 19:30
1 answer
June 3rd 19 at 19:32
This is a PHP client for telegram.
1. Autoresume with the account you will use to send the bot.
2. Using methods that are already implemented in the above conditions is not client sent the message.
3. Catch a response from the bot.
4. Every N hours pull via cron a script through the CLI.
5. ...

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