How to develop an opencart module that depends on other packages that are connected via composer?

Hello colleagues, prompt, please, the answer to this question. I plan to develop a module, but the problem is that the module will depend on third-party libraries, like guzzle, propel, ... which in my understanding is connected via composer and are in the vendor. In this regard I have a question, how to build the module? do we have to store the entire module in vendor? or is it bad form and decided to act otherwise?
June 3rd 19 at 19:32
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June 3rd 19 at 19:34
No, it's not a bad tone to keep windrow in your package, even if your bundle via composer.

It all depends on the problems which need to be addressed.
As an example, symfony/phpunit-bridge where the package, when you start depending on php version and other parameters ustanavlivaet in its directory certain compatible version of phpunit and runs...

And a bunch of other packages that store vendors.

I feel that the module can be set via admise

I understand that loads some files in the admin? If Yes, then smello use composer archive and distribute the package in this way.

The only thing that will need to consider is whether to use the composer autoloader or its wrapper, as not only your package can work with a composer.

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