How do you implement this on WordPress?

I will try to explain everything as clear..
We have elements of custom taxonomy 'platform', they are displayed like this :
Each element of this taxonomy has a couple of projects
That is, if we have the item "Online platform" then it will display all the projects will wybranym element.
If the "Android App", respectively, it will display all the projects who have tagged "Android App"
We're not talking how they appear all of the to explain the situation.
Make it so that clicking on a particular item on the bottom display the projects marked on the same element..
The screenshots show only the layout, but you want to make real examples to projects which are filled with the admin(this is implemented) there I put a note say "Online Platform" and turn to this page
And on the page click on "Online platform" and below displays the projects marked as "Online platform".
Maybe I'm not explaining it very well, please help please as have no idea what or how to implement this...
Thank you!
June 3rd 19 at 19:37
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June 3rd 19 at 19:39
Hello. First your job has a native solution: you can create a menu where the points are the elements in your taxonomy. Accordingly, when clicked page will open (archive, taxonomy), which will display only the desired projects.

If the first option doesn't fit you and need to get loaded and filtered on one page with beautiful animation — connect to the site Isotope (

Here is an example implementation using Isotope:
June 3rd 19 at 19:41
Perhaps the problem with getting just the list of projects selected Terma need a taxonomy? You need to write an ajax handler to which to pass the slug of the desired term. And in the handler do the query to the database through either get_posts or wp_query through and give this array to the front. About ajax, you can read here, write very clearly

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