Why nth-child(1) ask all your options, not just the first?

Can't change the background in the 2nd and 3rd block, tell me why?
June 3rd 19 at 19:38
2 answers
June 3rd 19 at 19:40
Proper handling looks like this -.about-box:nth-child(1) div

thank you!
and why on the shortest path didn't work and you had the top the whole chain to pull? - Ewell commented on June 3rd 19 at 19:43
because the shortest path is not correct.

The appeal of the view .about-box > div:nth-child(1) takes the first diva class about-box.

And treatment .about-box > div:nth-child(2) takes the second diva class about-box, but there are none. In this class, only one div. Therefore the picture is used only from the first treatment, because other are not true. - Myrtis commented on June 3rd 19 at 19:46
June 3rd 19 at 19:42

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