EliteAdmin: after setting up the links to the css screen eats white background what to do?


Faced with the problem: the elite admin (admin material) natrol css styles in the first few seconds the page is visible from the bottom (the current a little bit) , and then closes and it's a white background, who are faced with this, to Nasrani css styles nebylo design, but the html was visible. This error applies to directory all but the main index, and others, for example: /servers/index, servers/order tickets/... - there is this issue and observed ) on the first screen that should be at least about, and on second and this screen, all the rules were in the first screenshot where the home page and at the moment of shooting as you can see the bottom of the screen ate a white background, because of what it happens ? Help =(

The first screen: e383bb6406104262b13c0de682a48e78.png
The second screen: e76a11f673d54a4399fe5ae443569ed7.png

Code here does not fit because there is a maximum of 10 characters =)
Use ViewHtmlMode: 'view-source:bill.pe-host.ru/servers/order'
But first, log in :S there a reg light, takushi demo I think not necessary =)
Need Your help !
July 4th 19 at 22:44
1 answer
July 4th 19 at 22:46
there's a psychic there. or code tell me or myself click on that white thing in the inspector and look
Already on the main page solve the problem, but on others as it was and left =( - Evie.Kreiger commented on July 4th 19 at 22:49

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