How to pass a parameter to the method (Laravel 5.3)?

Route::get('films/form/{id}', 'FilmsController@getForm');

class Controller extends FilmsController
 public function getForm($id = null)
 echo "True";

<h1>Movies <a href="{{ action('Backend\FilmsController@getForm') }}">Create</a></h1>

Error on page:
ErrorException in UrlGenerationException.php line 17:
Missing required parameters for [Route: ] [URI: admin-panel/films/form/{id}]. (View: /home/alexander/SosProjects/cinema.local/resources/views/backend/films/index.blade.php)

Anyone have experience with this ? and how was this problem solved ?
July 4th 19 at 22:45
2 answers
July 4th 19 at 22:47
Route::get('films/form/{id?}', 'FilmsController@getForm');
July 4th 19 at 22:49
how was this problem solved ?
Read the documentation.

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