Can't change the validation form?

Hi all.
Is validation on the website(Ukrainian).
Here is a:

function feedback(vars) {
var bt = $(vars.form).find('.feedback');
var btc = bt.clone();
var bvc = bt.val();
var cfg = conf[vars.act].cfg;
indexTel var ='phone');
var index1 ='_');
var index2 ='38', indexTel);

if (((index1 != -1) && (index2 != -1)) || ((index1 == -1) && (index2 == -1))) {
$(vars.form).find('input[name="phone"]:visible, textarea:visible, select:visible').css({'border': '2px solid #EE204D'}, 300).focus();
return false;

+ mask.

$(".phone").mask("+38(999)999-99-99", {autoclear: false});

The objective is to change Russia.
That is, in the mask, to make it +7(999), etc
Put +7 in the mask(without changing(('38', indexTel)) - form without validation)
Change ('7', indexTel) - do not submit the form when it is fully filled. And just selects all the numbers.

Understand this bad, can someone tell me how to do the validation correctly.
When not filled at least 1 digit, form - did not go.

Here is the website:
File: scripts/feedback.js
July 4th 19 at 22:49
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