What are the features of account lockouts Apple ID?

Good afternoon, dear community.
There is a question which Google is not able to provide at least some clear answers.
The crux of the situation: there was a need to take account of Apple with a new smartphone. Account was borrowed from a friend, and then the following happened:
because the account was originally (at creation, more than a year ago) included incorrect data, with the permission of the owner of the cited information in the divine form, putting real data (FI, address, country, telephone, etc.). After this were bound acting and not previously used in any transactions on any accounts the card Privat Bank (Ukraine) and purchase interesting apps in the AppStore (10$). The app was successfully purchased and all is good, but after a short time, when you try to download or update any app, the phone started to display information "Your Apple ID has been disabled", and later received SMS from Bank that the card was refunded the purchase amount.
Because the Apple is missing, it was decided to seek clarification from the Russian support via phone.
Further - checkmate. The account is disabled without a possibility of recovery, card Bank is completely disconnected from the AppStore and in the future may not be tied to it. Regarding the reasons for the senior specials. support for virtual throws up his hands, not pointing or really not knowing the reason for blocking.
Requests via chat to Apple support in the States led to the same result:
"May have been violated any terms of use account". After reading and almost having memorized these rules, any violations which either could not be found.
Of course, it is clear that anti-fraud work, but by what criteria is this happening and how to challenge the lock and "prove" a system error or an accidental hit in one of the cases?
July 4th 19 at 22:49
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July 4th 19 at 22:51
As far as I know, after a full data replacement, the user cannot make a purchase for a certain period of time.

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