Not working in loop soundpool in Android 4.2, how to fix?

did playing background music with looping (I tried to specify -1 and the specific number of cycles) using soundpool, works in android 5, but does not work in 4.2 (the file is played only once)
Tried using mediaplayer, but a long delay between the playback of the file (several seconds)
The bug is sort of famous but the best solution I found

It is possible to circumvent the bug to work using soundpool? or some other way to between playbacks of the file there was no delay? (the app will be background music + 2-3 more sound at the event)

PS code is not applied, because on other version it works
ZYY another suggested option is via audiotrack, does anyone know whether there is a delay between cycles?
July 4th 19 at 22:53
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