How to get links from the encrypted tag leech?

Dear colleagues, there is a list of URLS of pages that contains links to file sharing, the hidden tag leech.
To open the download link, click and go to this file, and then selecting a link in the address bar - copy.
As URLS a lot, go to each and click on each link to fayloobmennik too long.
Pliz tell me how this can be done automatically, maybe by using some local or server script?
I would be grateful for help in solving the problem!
July 4th 19 at 23:07
1 answer
July 4th 19 at 23:09
Script is written in the same Python for 1 night.
I don't know how to code in Python.
Will advise who to contact, or be able to take personally for writing? - buford.Turcotte49 commented on July 4th 19 at 23:12

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