How can I be in this situation.Where to go?

Good time of day.
Understand that will write the accordion, which is already a million times here rose, but I am very important any advice, even negative.
And the question actually in what direction to move and how to continue to develop as a developer. I am 33 years old.Yes, another "aytishnik" from the southern cities. 15 years I've worked as anitem, system administrator, system engineer, network engineer, slabotochnik. The Institute programming was given easily enough, but due to horrible teachers to him for a long time, there was disgust, although the database this view completely changed. I was in the middle of the zero. The Internet and computers were just beginning to enter the mass and in our city the only possibility to work without connections to get anitem, then rose to the system administrator and went on the thumb.
For yourself read the literature on programming, but chose absolutely not the same technology, though the mischief was. Then completely got into the office, which was engaged in slabotochka.
I tried to jump at least on the popular we have in 1C, but the joke was that I started 27 years, and in Rostov, the reason for France it's insanely old age for June. In the end, though courses and passed on it and passed some certifications, but get 1сником could only 31 years.
I read a lot of literature, wrote something. Received superficial knowledge hatiilo to get in the office just a java developer. But I was stupid and instead of developing in java, an acquaintance ran developer 1C at a higher salary, and that later backfired.
1C, though easy to develop, but the ignorance of predmetni played a role, although considerably tightened these weaknesses. But last year I was hit by a car, I fractured 4 vertebrae. In addition, increased my chronic illness, which in 2007 prevented me to move to another town, where you could pursue a career as a developer. Due to fractures and multiple sclerosis, which worsened after the head dropped off the glass that hit my car, I just don't go becoming disabled.
Now programming for me is not a beautiful dream, but just the opportunity to live on. I riveted saytik on Wordpress under monetization on the context, but now all these sites for the year of my wandering in the hospitals just die.
I have money that I want to spend on a good course. With code reviews and preferably with internship, since I have no illusions that 33 year old man just no one will take, and to normal programming, you need a lot of practice. Freelancing this practice is unlikely to work, since my level will still be June, but there is no I compete with this level lot. And if you do not work in a normal office, some programming going wrong.
Now the question itself. In whatever field are advised to develop? What courses would be advised to go with the I need code review, mentoring and training and in General if I have a chance though to get a developer-just least favorite 1сниками Doshirak for the sake of development experience? This is a very important subject for me. As for adminstva I'm old (and Cisco and Linux to configure and maintain the problem of finding orders). 1C need to ride, and I slabomobilny. It only remains to develop. Web, Mobile development (java and C# was easy for me, swift is also gone). I want to undergo a serious course where at least it can help with the mentor's weaknesses (and after my abuse perlом I have code just like spaghetti). Courses a lot, but it seems to me that many of them outright slag.
In General, I apologize for the large text. I will appreciate any advice and realistic assessment of my situatsii. Maybe I really only Shine a janitor somewhere only to sit, and I'm in the clouds soar.
Thanks to everyone who helped. The situation I have a real stalemate.
June 3rd 19 at 19:41
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June 3rd 19 at 19:43
Teacher of computer science for online courses go and tell me what is promising now, the IT sphere, and that the demand for "professionals" only will increase and salaries rise, since the "normal" people is not enough.
how much skepticism... - Euna_Brakus65 commented on June 3rd 19 at 19:46
June 3rd 19 at 19:45
You have shitty mood, 33 for the programmer not the age, I'm 42 and I several times passed the way from June to the lady, just to shake up the brain, the last time changed his major to 39. Do focus on English, with good working English sea, while the remote pay more than outstate, however, and risks more on the way to get middle and not the entry labor needs "worked just a year", and actual number of collected rake to the technology, which is the second time you will not come for interviews just asking for the matrix, so the necessary skills you can learn is just a regular passing of the interview and pochityvaya and realizing something had fallen. After covering the interview you don't need to lower the CDA, but just to understand what you learned, what you need to graduate and go on to the next interview.
June 3rd 19 at 19:47
Why do You have these govenors ?
The basics of programming YOU know, to understand someone else's code is likely to know.
go to smoke mana on page then choose pishny framework and make it blozhik. shop and even what is there and forward to freelancing
June 3rd 19 at 19:49
If you are well versed in 1C then dig in the direction of the joints of the technology with her. The integration of 1C with Internet shopping. The demand is here constant and stable. In addition, the maintenance, constant updating of the versions. And the government tosses a job like integration with online banks. Monetize old knowledge in a new area. You can work remotely across the country, there are online communities where you can communicate with practicing people from these areas. It's better courses.

In any field where technology intersect, it is difficult to find a specialist who would be versed in both. I'm early in his career he worked on TV, did the animation and commercials. Then went on the web to make sites, in the end, now making animations for the web, banner ads. Experts who would be at a decent level understand and in graphics and in software code, not so much, competition is not pushing. Specialists with experience who would be doing the advertising not illustrated ads among bannermakers also units. And then there's ancient evil growing wildly where A5 is still a great demand for those who can make a game character animation integration with the code.

To remember the same of Steve jobs: he worked in the printing, and when it's time to write my own OS it started right away to create a graphical interface that was revoluciono using all their knowledge about fonts. And then for the word "kerning" in the IT environment and could beat ))

So don't push elbows competing in the areas that you are not knowing, there is already a lot of people, especially of Juneau. Suck their already acquired knowledge of the new stacks. And search for communities in these areas, not courses filled with water and served coaches that actually nothing is practiced except for the chatter of rewrite and other courses.
June 3rd 19 at 19:51
Just start and keep climbing. Don't give up. I , being in a stalemate Where can I find work on udalenke in 40+ years? from despair climbed apwork and have no regrets. Especially if you have experience with WP , you can take this direction as the most opportunistic there.
In parallel start to pick English, if he is not so hot. This is important, I was with him (and yet, alas, remains) hollow Alles kaput , but managed to survive. It won't be easy , that's for sure , but boring too.
33 - children's age!
June 3rd 19 at 19:53
I'm afraid that no such courses. I understand your desire to pay money and get a cool mentor, but so far nothing like this one are not offered. Yet the best course is real work.

A start would be to determine the form of work (office, freelancing is) and technology stack (web, mobile, desktop). And then you just need to get acquainted with the ecosystem of the chosen direction — languages, frameworks, tools and make more projects for myself. First, it will be real projects, where you collect a ton of rake, and, secondly, it will be a finished portfolio. How to get your feet wet — you can try pofrilansit. But only with the mind, of course — no need to take the coding on WP. And after to look for a normal job.

About the age do not bother. You're not 50 years. The average age of the developer is increased because we are all starting at the origin, not younger.

And Yes — you have a great background. With their knowledge you will learn more.

Good luck!
June 3rd 19 at 19:55
You have a lot of controversial statements in the text, try to invert that time to read and agree to and with these inverted statements to go somewhere.
June 3rd 19 at 19:57
I'm 33 and I am the youngest in my Department :)). And I work in Belgium. Don't look at age. Only if you have already decided, you have to be consistent and persistent.
June 3rd 19 at 19:59
1)1c forget
2)JavaScript will learn that such a course, where from and to is given front and behind.
3)find a job at js Jun.

they pay more in js than in PHP twice. but the language is trifling. it is easy to study it.
native gies

and will earn a lot of money
breaks out of anal bondage freelancing is based on creating websites.

and I do websites and chustvoval yourself a GURU. no....

js it is necessary to study and udalenku to find. to work there and udalenku in Canada or Germany to find yet it is important for them.
can laravel+vuejs but two times less to be... so dump the PHA. from Java script learn. not to be confused with Juery... react + nodejs and the consequent and related
June 3rd 19 at 20:01
Well, what kind of a stalemate? You are vodkas choose which goryushko to fill in, and prospects for further development. There is free time, right? Can offer another option, in addition to English to learn some rare European language. And then in the freelance will be a little more possibilities.
everything about making money, it is tied completely and exclusively to ENG! The statistics on the planet Earth.
If we talk about programming, the more a thousandfold!!!

what redkozemelnye language, #obajimi... - Euna_Brakus65 commented on June 3rd 19 at 20:04
, Here only English is used? You should not think that only the English-language sector, developing IT technologies. This is just the advantage may be, knowledge of another language will help to occupy a niche, albeit not very profitable now. - ted_Leuschke commented on June 3rd 19 at 20:07
you lost the key)))
Here only English is used?

it uses the English language including

let's for reasons of clarity, the statistics - how many projects are in English, how many on the same damn fra... Oh someone will be surprised...

will help to occupy a niche, albeit not very profitable now.

Yes, and the gross amount is also necessary voice, and offers to participate in projects that are SURE and SOON shot arrive every week, and every month I see something flying into the abyss....

at least I have an example of LIFE - sister worked 8 years as a translator DE->ENG ENG->DE in a transnational firm with a turnover 80млрд euros this year to reduce... According to her translations of those docks have become almost completely unnecessary, that is, as something used for new projects tries not necessary already... This is the most rare language, I understood you...))) - anabelle.Watsi commented on June 3rd 19 at 20:10
under "rare" I meant the languages, for example, Eastern Europe. It has its own IT sector, he somehow develops. The man who in view of the circumstances confined to a specific occupation, it is possible to try to learn one of these, and to bite off a piece of the pie. You can imagine what proportion, for example, food outlets, which instead of a website page on Facebook. That could look so or so, seems to be only here so at I need. It would be the desire to make money, and a place where your skills apply, there is always. Left to skills. Yes, wages in the Macedonia may be lower than in the US. But it's a piece of cake. - ted_Leuschke commented on June 3rd 19 at 20:13
I meant that there is a happy successful strategy is called "Butt lift for 10 rubles." I'm thoroughly not familiar with it, also tore ass, rushing to all the loopholes, or experience or anything, but the strategy works! Moreover, existing examples are of offline Commerce the same equipment or even hell scrap)))
To paraphrase: additivity the starnichka FB - well, it's akin to the layout of one element, for example the layout of splawski, XS well, well, 500-2000P high... hrenachit a pack a day... i.e. 12 hours a day 30 days a week Or... compare - write the script Configurator custom valving for 1200уе... a Month sat in the waiting greasy order, a month sweated over the script... Then soak for a month in Costa Rica))) In the second case, another bunch of skills along the way added... - anabelle.Watsi commented on June 3rd 19 at 20:16
June 3rd 19 at 20:03
Universal Council, watty, watty via the web development (works for both backend and frontend):
1) Determine the path of development, language, watch popular frameworks that use this language (popularity can be determined by the vacancies in which they are listed)
2) is it something very superficial view (video) on the subject, as with these technologies to do something, or a book there to read some. The book can be even better.
3) come up with a project or asking for somewhere to do a test. The essence of the project to demonstrate their skills. Esesn it should work, the code needs to be adequately written (see the book "Clean code. Creation, analysis and refactoring") and posted on github. If someone previewit generally fine.
4) Having implemented the "project" will have some experience, you will have something on interview to talk that you won't be a man in the street who decided, watty-watty. You even will show that. Just in this situation arranged should be easy enough. The main thing then not to stop and continue to grow. A half-year/year change insignias and wages at the middle and in the same place where you work or going to a new job.
5) ????
6) profit

The courses I would have scored. Or if you select something quite zero, it can be somewhere along the top walk. The trouble with courses is that they give some illusion of progress, spend a lot of time and achieve little. Nothing is more beneficial than a self-written (and then thrown out and rewritten) draft. No one can teach you how to program and solve all the problems. Ie, to Google, to read, to understand, to respond to errors of the compiler/console in the end.
June 3rd 19 at 20:05
First! Don't count on any courses!!!

Initially only books + search on the Internet solve a given problem.

Since programming experience is, you need to look at jobs in the city and to decide what to teach. The idea is that the entry threshold of the lowest in the PHP, choose framework on the basis of vacancies in the city and in the way.

As already advised, write blog, shop and something else to practice, then spread on GitHub and go on interviews. I think that in six months you can meet, although, if you already have experience in related occupations, and faster.

Another time, companies were happy to take people with disabilities because there are tax incentives, so if the city has jobs, it is possible to solve the issue.

PS On account of the feedback, again, if you put on GitHub, I do not think that is a big problem to find people on the Internet who will give feedback.
to say "don't count on the courses" is the same as saying " don't go to school and Institute."... books are only one form of learning. And courses give author's personal experience and practical tasks. As without courses to do in our time? The author teaches and configure the development environment, and answers questions, and checks tasks and helps with job placement... And the book sometimes write such boring people that you can fall asleep reading it. You would have advised the docks... - Euna_Brakus65 commented on June 3rd 19 at 20:08
this is where such courses?

In most cases, this is cool dude, give courses of slag. Often courses are so who do not particularly kodit. - ted_Leuschke commented on June 3rd 19 at 20:11
courses are so who do not particularly kodit.

I also pay attention to it. Even the vaunted Thinknetica finished off what mentors there - as its graduates. And for the other courses are generally silent.
For fun on one trial date with one of the "school" did knowingly error in DZ. Moreover, the obvious gaffe. What? "Answer accepted! Proceed to the next lesson!".
Damn, I have the debugger there, which is much better to report an error and the error location. - anabelle.Watsi commented on June 3rd 19 at 20:14
that was just incompetent people. to assert that online courses the slag is as silly as to argue that the teacher in unversiteta don't know your subject.
there are certainly or sharlotany national experts? but mostly it-courses are Pro. - ted_Leuschke commented on June 3rd 19 at 20:17
you probably confuse it with speakers that sell air or with BM. a normal course is taught by people with years of experience. Here's a look at the website:
there their sea. For example, a good teacher, "Elisha", another is "Lavrik, Dmitry" he is one of the best teachers in the world despite his young years. or how do you imagine to courses at some Reacto or full stack development led to the layman? the same during the course and the server have to be configured and different scripts Galp, Webpack and write both on the backend and on frontin... most of the good courses in foreign languages. - anabelle.Watsi commented on June 3rd 19 at 20:20
I wanted to buy a course to faster deeply into JS, frankly, found the torrent, I decided to look before buying. Course from the Ilya Cantor.

In the end, he's a dumb sheep explained that in his book-the website is written. Explained the decision tasks that have already razgovory on the website, despite the fact that he's told them to the next lesson, read and decide.
Looked 1 lecture, looked in the middle, and then the same thing. Eventually scored.

Although, the author is really cool - ted_Leuschke commented on June 3rd 19 at 20:23
too much difference in SN between the teacher and a good programmer!

Dima Eliseev exception, it clearly does not for money but for the soul. - Miracl commented on June 3rd 19 at 20:26
different courses and teachers. but the courses really allow you to reduce the time for study but they do not alter the reading documentation and books. - Gunner_Fah commented on June 3rd 19 at 20:29
ha ) so the exception is still there ) and I like Elisha a little? There are such people. But Eliseeva there are paid materials. He should pay for his time. Plus if you're doing for the sake of the soul, that no one bothers you to do it for the money. If you do is free, people tend to appreciate it less.

As for thoughts about the difference between the salary of the teacher and the programmer. Depends on who and how to compare. The teacher can be a businessman. To write a good course on the current topic. To gather more audience and earn more than a programmer earns. Plus then still have a monthly passive income from sale of El. version of the courses. That is, this webmaster "Daniel Fimushkin" - it is about 500 thousand gets per month for their courses. Although his courses are not for professionals. But for beginners and not need the course for professional. - Jerad_Treutel45 commented on June 3rd 19 at 20:32
of , say, every video is good to watch something that is not really necessary, but in General it is useful to not to bother.

For everything else, read faster, even to take what is immediately clear, how many to skip, if you already know it. - Miracl commented on June 3rd 19 at 20:35
why read faster? this as anyone. The system of instruction perfected over the centuries. And why is it lectures is one of the key values. Same thing with the study material - you need to watch a video of an experienced teacher who will be able to properly convey the material and set the learner the task. And then during practice you need to reinforce acquired during the lectures knowledge workbooks and tasks. Then of course feedback from the teacher and analysis of errors. Here is a complete process. And reading documentation and books is one-way communication and it is not complete. Of course it is good if you already know a lot and have experience to read books. But if you're a beginner, it is better than learning with a teacher is much more effective than learning from books. After all, the teacher knows what you need to focus, he can during the lecture, give examples, and refer to the other sections to answer the questions. But when you read the Doc or book, this is not possible. There sequentially examine sections and a complete picture is not obtained. Only mess remains in the head if there is not enough experience to immediately understand what you are saying and why. When you already know a few programming languages or frameworks, the course of the next framework can be studied independently. But when you want to quickly start, only learning from prof. Well, it's obvious. - Miracl commented on June 3rd 19 at 20:38
June 3rd 19 at 20:07
I got just the front-end of almost 30 years, my friend of 31 years. You are a young active male with a decent background.
Most importantly your skills and ability to benefit.
June 3rd 19 at 20:09
Here, but this is my personal
judging by giving (XXX trained XXX job, XXX average salary) is complete bullshit - Euna_Brakus65 commented on June 3rd 19 at 20:12
or Angular or Java. Why is the study included? - ted_Leuschke commented on June 3rd 19 at 20:15
about the bullshit is not bullshit, the question was to recommend courses I recommended
to determine bullshit or not - you need to read reviews or to start doing

web full stack better than just Java or Angular... - anabelle.Watsi commented on June 3rd 19 at 20:18
Support. The course is worth the money. But you have sooo much to Google and to read on their own. Videos and descriptions do not give all the information to complete tasks. - ted_Leuschke commented on June 3rd 19 at 20:21
June 3rd 19 at 20:11
1C need to ride
Nothing of the sort. This is just the kind of thing where you can even work remotely without any skating.
If there is knowledge of 1C, and at least basic administration skills - you can find a lot of online friends, the hype.

Just need to understand that in most cases, a large project is not done remotely, and major projects given to freelancers.
Focus should be on small and medium-sized projects.
Small - is made in less than half a day. Called, discussed, through 40minut ready result and the money, without leaving your computer.
The average is made over a day or two of hard work, or for a week in fits and starts.

And even if you know how to write code for 1C, you should not try to write it!
Try to solve the problems of customers with 1C, not to write code, it is faster, cheaper, and better paid.

Try to turn their minuses into pluses. Minimum mobility is a minus, on the other hand you mostly are. A contract for support, subscription fee - the person called to solve the problem, continue doing your job.

And about the forward motion necessary to move, but we must understand that even excellent knowledge of the modern languages does not make money. Generally brings.
To earn money need is the ability to earn money, and then all sorts of programming languages and other things.
June 3rd 19 at 20:13
The question, for me, it is significantly deeper:
"The Institute programming was given easily enough, but thanks to the disgusting teachers, to see him for a long timeoriginated in the aversion, although the database this view completely changed. I was in the middle of the zero. The Internet and computers were just beginning to enter the mass and in our city the only possibility to work without connections to get anitem, then rose to the system administrator and went on the thumb."

I see there is 2 important things:
1. You've been doing for many years what you not pleasure, only by the fact that the "stars have aligned" (like something similar done, like something similar was studied, something similar worked, went on the thumb, etc.);
2. You yourself limit the choice of profession and direction of its development is still in question. Maybe you need to train people? Maybe you need soft corporate prodavati?

The behavior pattern and the "thread" that pulls you on a mountain river programming brings you to a dead end in the swamp - you don't know where to go and moral suffering. Can leave the water on the shore? To look back? To change the direction of thoughts?

You have a hobby or Hobbies are? That you "rushing"? What you get energy and pleasure?
June 3rd 19 at 20:15
You though to look for something tried?
Open vacancy list - Experience programming in C# from 3 years. . Etc. the real question is not what "got me an office, head and all, and can not find work remotely." The point is to raise your level to pump skills to become a special and cost more. The point is to find the right vector of development, not just spray a time as I did before scoring that and Cascara and Linux users like dogs nerezannyh will be more and more.
I watched all of these jobs. Everywhere need a lot of experience. If he was me, I would be so moronic questions not be asked.
Now I know that stupid aitishnik. Prohodilis interviews and helloworldweb. I pass a job interview, how to impress and solve all these tests. But in the process of working stupid to understand what my level is very, very far from what I presented and how I, like, took on the job.
Was the astute employers who my fraud instantly crack.
But I stupidly carried. I got a job where you're paid well for our city. But I didn't get, on the contrary stronger Tupelo.
Injury and disability has exposed the harsh truth. And now I want to really develop. - Euna_Brakus65 commented on June 3rd 19 at 20:18
Nitsche not understand. You need to whine or to look for work? At 3 years of age do not look, I write hr in the real world can be anything. And there are vacancies without experience requirement. And to FIB.
And podgorye plan that is the best motivator for learning :) - ted_Leuschke commented on June 3rd 19 at 20:21
June 3rd 19 at 20:17
In multiple sclerosis it is impossible to overwork. sapienti sat
Know. Coffee and energy. Meldonium prescribed)) the Most dirty when it is insomnia and that is insanely stupid. - Euna_Brakus65 commented on June 3rd 19 at 20:20
June 3rd 19 at 20:19
More smacks of some sort of breakdown.Not the complexity of choice.
June 3rd 19 at 20:21
Maybe you need soft corporate prodavati?

Actually, sell I liked. Even as a Manager I've been having. But because of this goddamn multiple sclerosis any hassle from is aggravation. And a moron leaders who firmly believe that there is no unnecessary product or service, and there are bad salespeople hassle secured, as you will have the opportunity to increase sales plans, etc.
In addition, my work is quite boring and dull. Sysadmin, system engineer, network engineer, java programmer (though not for long), the programmer 1C. And a small episode of managersteve.
33 who will take pogromist-Anita in salespeople, which is important for beautiful face, belief in the bright future that the chief will not throw and the ability to sell frankly unnecessary nonsense? And if soft, it is in our city only my "favorite" 1C. And there is need to implement the sales plan for the connection to the ETS and to lie recklessly, praying to all the gods, not to run into sartogo person who will have a reasonable question: what for for an external report on the ACS to connect its?
What are you "rushing"

For a long time already nothing. For programming clung, because long after the Institute loved it. Even wrote their app for Android and iOS. Burned it, did, and then just faced with the fact that everyone needs overqualification spices (we create it-kotorye graduates of the Rostov Department of mechanics and mathematics, by the way, their education highly and abroad is appreciated) and run several times on nerds-programmers, which questioned literally everything, has become to just hate this case and for five years was abandoned.
Again, my situation is this. that office job I'll be out soon, and to work on the Internet low-skilled and do not know where to go.
Understand that it is easy to give advice to those whose all is well with his future.
But again, for heaps of jobs I'm just old. And now a cripple. I don't have a lot.
And about programming absolutely true, noticed the fire and passion had gone out. Because cool spices here too have I not be.
Well, Yes, in preparing the astronauts later. But at this age and so many people change professions for many different reasons.

You must first decide to live. And then to paint the steps and future plans. Maybe I'm wrong, and I do not know you in town with vacancies, but I'd still be looking for a job in the city, if there is one and agreed to work from home.

I think if you build Selye program, in 6 months you can go to Junior. - Euna_Brakus65 commented on June 3rd 19 at 20:24
The multiple sclerosis diagnosis the doctor put?

"Again, my situation is this. that office job I'll be out soon, and to work on the Internet low-skilled and don't know where to go." - the second more precisely.

"You know, it's easy to give advice to those whose all is well with his future." - someone sucks is not up to you accurately, and suggest it is something you can scarcely.

I can see that: 1. you feel sorry for me (even the phrase above is a great indicator). 2. you put yourself on the cross
You need a psychologist to work be sure to take you out of this depression came out ("nothing rushing" - an obvious indicator). Career - you have to watch what is on the market to think. If you want to - can where-thread to get in touch, tell options. - ted_Leuschke commented on June 3rd 19 at 20:27
Yes , the doctor. In the center of multiple sclerosis. There now. 11 years ago I found it, I scored on him, and after the accident and RS accelerated progress.
you feel sorry for me (even the phrase above is a great indicator)
perhaps, though, in fact, hate themselves more.
If you want to - can where-thread to get in touch, tell me the options

I would be very grateful. How can I do that? - anabelle.Watsi commented on June 3rd 19 at 20:30
after similar jobs, enthusiasm is not added:
Vacancy web developer Ruby On Rails remotely on a full-time employment


Looking for rubita on udalenku, full time. Skill level - not lower Middle. The salary from 100 thousand rubles.

Responsibilities include support for only one project. The work comes in pair c architect application. Tasks are assigned in Trello and discussed in Telegram or Skype.

The main tasks are the development of interfaces and functionality of real estate website, given the high load.

The result of the current activities of the project team can be seen on this counter
The successful candidate from our point of view:

the age of 30
technical education
experience in commercial web development from 2 years
practice remote team working from 1 year
able to write quickly and provides a working code
has the intention and ability to rise to TeamLead'and
specifies in a portfolio of live sites and relevant skills

An essential set of practical skills:

Ruby on Rails 4
Thinking sphinx

Again see the position, atbrivojumu all because of the 30 year milestone. - ted_Leuschke commented on June 3rd 19 at 20:33
, do not pay attention to stupid people.

In normal companies in the field of IT no one looks at the age.

I have a slightly difficult situation was, I moved to Spain due to the situation Ukraine. The opinion suggested that to qualify for an internship, though I knew then Spanish is bad, so is not passed. Then, in principle, something could, but accepted an internship just to get into the company. But also decided seriously to do it all at 29.

When I was 30, and younger than me in a group of 8 people was only one guy, everyone else at least 5 years older. And this is only internship training.

Normal people know that this profession after a 30... these will work, and many of the young will change to something else. - anabelle.Watsi commented on June 3rd 19 at 20:36
the problem is that in Russia such "stupid people" an absolute majority. Moreover, I have a friend programmer from Peter, 29 years of experience in programming 9 years, and it ubivaut web developer type old too. Now opened the SP beats with the Indians on Odeske or whatever it is now called, Apwork in my opinion.
Your story is instructive and inspiring. I like the community on Thinknetica where one RoR developer at age a little over forty, being actually a chef by training, skill itself is so stuffed with things that came up with his beautiful story that he's midlam worked for 6 years and nothing but middle or Lord is simply not considered. This man rightly reasoned that at his age, just him in General no one will take. The bluff worked. I'm happy for him.
Apparently, I also in this way you need to go. But need confidence in their competence.
Need a healthy barrage of criticism for your bad code and assurance that everything I'm doing even with the jambs, but right. Therefore looking for courses. - ted_Leuschke commented on June 3rd 19 at 20:39
write on entier dog mail ru. There is no PM. Hope bananas is not thrown - Miracl commented on June 3rd 19 at 20:42
June 3rd 19 at 20:23
you have a very low self esteem

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