How to capture video from Playstation 1?

Hello. Have the opportunity to get your hands on the PS1 and wish to record gameplay of games with her. The console is clearly the case, can not record video, as does the fourth generation, so I would like to ask the people who know how to invent a Bicycle, to be able to record gameplay with it in the original quality.

PS1-equipped here in this cable with the "bells" that are stuck in the old tube TVs:


Tell me, please, what equipment is best to get hold of, and what to do to achieve the desired result. Yet it is not acquired, but if some TVs are able to do video capture or if it could be done somehow using your PC and normal monitor, then I would appreciate hints. I'm in technology is not strong, so you have to ask for help.

Thanks in advance.

PS About emulators Sonya I know, but still would like without them, if possible.
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July 4th 19 at 23:26
Video capture card or TV tuner with composite input.
I tried to buy here is Chinese, Mr. but the picture quality is worse than the original.
July 4th 19 at 23:28
as an option - run in the emulator, Playstation 1, whom nemeryannom
and even though Bandicoot capture) about which the emulsion better not tell, do not yuzal

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