How to combine multiple fonts into a file?

There are several font files.

It is possible to combine them into a single file and use from there?
July 4th 19 at 23:25
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July 4th 19 at 23:27
If you mean getting a single it font not.
If the file format do not care, most importantly to reduce the number of requests to the server - well, you can put it in the CSS in base64 (though it is less flexible and there are limitations in the old Explorer).
Yes, about that opportunity forgot. But the file sizes of the fonts are such that it will inflate only so file with the styles. A separate file of styles to connect. - ladarius.Schmeler9 commented on July 4th 19 at 23:30
July 4th 19 at 23:29
July 4th 19 at 23:31
Only if not using font-face. Using other technologies such as cufon, etc. You like, but of course will have their pros - cons.

Just Fontas involves connecting a separate file for individual faces.

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