It strangely worked through the closing of the sidebar?

Good night!

There was one problem, the meaning of which I can not understand and can not even assume what could be the problem. I must say that the situation works correctly on Google Chrome, but seen it on the iPhone.

I'll try to describe it in words, because even don't understand what code to show. Use three plugins:
- Sidr for the formation of the side menu
- Headroom for the show will navmenu mobile site when gently scrolling upward.
- Scrolline to show the percentage of pages read

In the figure below - the manifestation of the effect. In words, the effect is like this:
  • In normal conditions I move content with a finger up and down. When I move it down, Headroom is hiding up the screen, and becomes visible Scrolline (figure 1). If you move your finger up and then on top of Scrolline appears Headroom
  • Pressing the "Menu" button, the content of the screen is shifted to the right and open the side menus Sidr (figure 3).
  • If you again click on the Menu button, the Sidr is hidden, and I can see the content with Headroom. But it is on Chrome. But on the iPhone, I see a very quick (about a second) effect, as shown in figure 4. Right suddenly starts moving green bar Scrolline, apparently, reducing the width of the DIV, which is the main navmenu Headroom. Thus moving the "Trash", the reduced width of the field under the inscription Half a second and when the green bar reaches the left edge, width, Headroom is fully restored and then everything works as if nothing had happened.

In this issue "perfectly" all. :( Why only iPhone? Where does the animation? As Scrolline can move from right to left? Why is he moving the DIV? Where generally to dig? How to make a diagnosis on your iPhone?

Understand that information is not enough, but to load all the CSS probably does not make sense. Can I at least thought someone has - where to dig?


Many thanks in advance!
July 4th 19 at 23:41
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July 4th 19 at 23:43
Can be the website address?

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