Is it possible in PostgreSQL to do the synchronization request for replication?

The essence of the following:
There is a table in Postgre 130 million records which is updated from the first to the last record in one iteration of the loop. The idea is that before each iteration of the loop to remove all indexes to increase the speed of collection and the completion of the iteration to re-add them (empirically I found out that when collecting from the index amount was 2 times more than after the reindex). But, if you remove the index on the master, then they will be deleted on the slave. Is it possible to make the synchronization took place at the end of each iteration on the master? Synchronize on demand, so to speak. Or maybe there is some flag on the master, which would prohibit the slave to sync? Are there any solutions for this problem?
July 4th 19 at 23:45
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