Where to buy high quality battery for macbook air?

Scoured the Internet, some Chinese counterparts without feedback or with negative feedback on ali. Who already have successful experience of buying a quality battery, could you tell me where to look
July 4th 19 at 23:47
1 answer
July 4th 19 at 23:49
Bought in iBatt, change in local service. Verify by phone the availability for your model.
again, the store is Chinese noname - gisselle51 commented on July 4th 19 at 23:52
: well, it is quite large. However, my MBA and HP work with batteries from them, plus there are outlets where you can check. And to many wines-laptops have batteries with increased capacity. - Trudie_Kunze73 commented on July 4th 19 at 23:55

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