The animation element in response to media queries. Possible?

Hi all.

There is an absolute item such as this:

 position: absolute;
 z-index: 1;
 display: block;
 width: 53px;
 height: 30px;
 background: url('/static/img/logo.png') no-repeat;
 opacity: 0.8;
 top: 15px;
 left: 20px;

While adaptation in media-queries, it moves the center of the container:


Everything works perfectly. But the question is. Can this move to make (animated element slides from left to right) means only CSS (no jquery)? Well, the man is holding the tablet horizontally, and logo on the left, turned in the portrait is the element nicely slipped. I hope clearly explained.
p.s. sorry if already discussed, nothing has succeeded.
Thanks in advance.
July 4th 19 at 23:51
1 answer
July 4th 19 at 23:53
put transition: all .2s ease-out; just not in the media. but in the first case
Well, I tried, not quite the effect is obtained. The first item is instantly moved to the center, and then quietly "moves" with a barely noticeable animation =) In the course and will have to leave. Thanks for the reply. - walker.Jaskols commented on July 4th 19 at 23:56

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