The brand name in the app description on Google Play?

I have one useful application for Android. I would like to just put it to could use who need. But it contains a picture (however removed color to b/W) logo of a famous company. And in the description you need to mention for which techniques and which company designed the app. How to be? After all, you can't specify in the description the words of the brand, but also to use their logo. Tried to deal with the license, but something muddy all of this, after reading the mess in my head. Thank you.
July 4th 19 at 23:57
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July 4th 19 at 23:59
The situation is complicated. As for me, the only legal way (correct me if I'm wrong) is to get official permission from the brand to use the name and graphics.
Otherwise, I'm sure, Google will reject your app listing.
Google is not something to reject. It may at a random time (from 1 second to a billion years) ban this app because it violates copyright. - robbie.Wuns commented on July 5th 19 at 00:02
:> because it violates copyright

Oh-Oh. - arturo_Armstrong43 commented on July 5th 19 at 00:05
July 5th 19 at 00:01
As I recall, if you specify that it is a trademark (TM) and whose it is to use name brands you can. With the picture is more complicated if it is a complaint - banned.
July 5th 19 at 00:03
The program is free, it is necessary to understand the marks of the question.

> I would like to just put it to could use who need.

And do not mess with Googleplayer. In the F-Droid'e published? Well, that's enough. If not, then whatever the outcome with Google is to publish, for those who value freedom, never your program can not find if it is lost in a pile of proprietarily.

But if someone will want to publish it on Gogoplata then and let him deal with their censorship.

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