Printer Epson I100 and the error "Service required" is something you can win?

Printer Epson I100 or the thousand year war?

For several years after purchase, I lead a battle with my printer, which call more recently "the Fifth horseman of the Apocalypse", because so much misery I planted my young friend.

f6ac48e6950e444db1477d0ccb589c07.pngThe essence of what this thing rubs me that my ink ran out "service life", but the point is that they are pirated, bought for good money, of the for ink.

Google has issued that you need to install the program PrintHelp, but there's something all too difficult, and the prospect to pay 60 or something bucks there (a lot!) me also not happy.

We can perform all these manipulations on the verge of exorcism manually, without involving extra software?

And Yes, if anything, does anyone know the normal printer that is not asking to artificiality every bunch?...
July 5th 19 at 00:00
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