How to implement the display of the selected objects on the map Yandex?

There are some select s
<select class="kino" name="kino1">
<option disabled selected value="0"> Select </option>
<option data-marker="53, 27" value="1">Name 1</option>
Name 2

<select class="kino" name="kino2">
<option disabled selected value="0"> Select </option>
<option data-marker="56.56 per" value="3">Name 3</option>
<option data-marker="65,65" value="4">Name 4</option>
// data marker coordinates.

Show on map only selected from a list of objects ( if in the list to select another object, the previous label must get out), the center of the map to put so that you can see the entire label.

In theory I see it this way - if you choose to add it to the collection, display collection and to center.
In practice, no idea how it will be)
July 5th 19 at 00:05
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