If this process installation?

Got RB to the office. Due to the fact that there was a little speed Internet, installation on the PC took all day. Project Manager predelay to work at home in the evening.
July 5th 19 at 00:07
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July 5th 19 at 00:09
Read, it is a direct cool - "it was such PMA". Such advice to give, many do not mind.
1. Ask a question PMU - why he thinks you need to work after hours.
2. Proceed depending on the answer.

For example, if the answer
"Because we have agreed and you promised to execute the result tonight or nothing." And do you agreed (and not put PMA aware of the fact that because of the Internet, everything is delayed) - it is logical to work with. And the next time you have a delay, to warn about it. And perhaps not to move anything while doing the task than it is.

If the answer is
"Well, I figured that would not be done today," i.e., you may not have agreed, under the terms are not prescribed, the permission to put Ubuntu received, but is not managed by the deadline, which is calculated PM. In this case, by and large, you don't have to work in their own time.
What I would do in this situation. 1) Remember that the next time I need to ask, what time the task is not to get into this situation again. 2) say what they Say I first heard about it, what we had to do. And then "you Have a very slow Internet, it's impossible to work effectively. And, next time, if you expect something from me then please let me know. Not to create similar situations in the future. Today I have the opportunity to work in personal time, and I will meet you in this matter."
Well, to work, if you have the opportunity. But it's a favor and PM now a small favor. If opportunity is not present, then you can say: "unfortunately possibilities is not present. Let us next time to more clearly set goals."

If the answer is PMA another, and you a different answer.
But you have to understand that that you do not know clearly the terms and objectives and your fault too. A professional will always ask when you should be ready. And if there is a delay (no matter for what reasons), always inform all the interested parties.

As for the initial question - whether the worker process setting IN - Yes and no. First, it is not so important in this situation. Secondly, if you swing, it swings the whole day, and you sit drink coffee and read Habr - not really. In this situation, you need to go to HP and say what they say I'm waiting, there is time to do something else.
July 5th 19 at 00:11
Well, the only thing that can advise - please send your PM and in the ass. Don't settle for a job at home, if the delay wasn't your fault. In this case, if they are not satisfied, you had to provide everything for the work to come, sat down and started to work. Otherwise, let them go to the forest.
If this process installation? YES.
If you are a newbie your first day wouldn't work for that set, and a day set of your own, which him, you see, the...

In General, not enough information in the question, so easy to lose promises. - chelsea13 commented on July 5th 19 at 00:14
: Ostroleka Backend developed on the PC was Windows, and windy I technic, and decided to put Ubuntu. - Annette_Hahn commented on July 5th 19 at 00:17
: without consulting the PM? Well, you got off easy. - chelsea13 commented on July 5th 19 at 00:20
: Well , agreed , let them know that I will snasici, but they thought it might take a not much time, and I thought so too but, in fact, because of low speed Internet it took almost the whole day - Annette_Hahn commented on July 5th 19 at 00:23
: you are allowed to take the initiative, it is worth something. But no one has removed the task. What you make yourself comfortable - it's your business, yet not suffer from this result. - chelsea13 commented on July 5th 19 at 00:26
And then the question is: do you already have your objectives? They had time to deploy the working environment? - ophelia.Reiche commented on July 5th 19 at 00:29
July 5th 19 at 00:13
Down BM a, it's not your problem that they have nischebrodsky Internet
July 5th 19 at 00:15
well, him you show your slow Internet speed

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