ESXi creates new virtual disks, although the place is full?

New to the world of virtualization, so there are many questions. Now the main and most critical is the following.
I moved the ubuntu server on esxi and did a thin disk. After 20 days of uptime, Ubuntu dies, and esxi written about the lack of space.
On the SSD of 223гб available 5MB. Deleting snapshot 2 (-5GB), I run Ubuntu and look: no, I have webmin writes freely about 80GB and 120 are employed, ie there is enough space.

After I got into datastore and saw that esxi some reason creates a NEW volume and there regularly writes any files, the changes(?), however, the server turns almost without any fuss. ie it regularly is not loaded +-10GB files. except that the logs but it doesn't take even 1G a day.

After deleting snapshots on esxi told me to consolidate Ubuntu server, however under this process anymore. ie, when I click "consolidate" - it gives me the error "no free disk space".

The question is: what to do? How to remove (and whether) these newly created drives and what to do once again the place over? (I was left with 3GB of free space, and with every hour value decreases). I hope for your help!!

2018-07-17_22-26-21.png (1)
2018-07-18_10-56-06.png (2)
2018-07-18_10-57-13.png (3)
2018-07-18_10-57-34.png (4)
2018-07-18_10-58-01.png (5)

(pictures are not loaded, had to publish links. will tell you so.
first and 4 is how many I have left in a day or two.
the second is initially created the disk when migrating Ubuntu to Eshi
third - those drives (0001-0003) that creates Ubuntu. 001 and 002 weigh 60 and 40 GB respectively, 003, therefore, now 5, but its value grows
5 - configure the virtual machine)

Again I hope for your help! thank you!
June 3rd 19 at 20:57
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