Why Win10LTSB VirtualBox bridge hostednetwork is not working?

  • Guest Debian 9
  • Host Windows 10 LTSB VBox 5.2.16 r

On the host running the network is a virtual hotspot (hostednetwork) and disabled the ICS service. Guest bridge, it is forwarding in the network to act as gateway, dhcp, dns.

Smartphone when connected to the network without any problems obtains an ip address and communicates with the guest OS, i.e. pass all the pings work, all the dns queries, everything works if directly to address to the gateway or its services.

The problem lies in the distribution of Internet access (NAT) to gateway (the guest OS) do not reach forward packets from a smartphone. Checked with wireshark and tcpdump.

Oddly enough, this bunch has worked without problems on windows 10 single language. Assume some process or windows itself catches all forward packets to another guest machine that is not able to determine what prevents.

What could be the problem?

June 3rd 19 at 20:58
0 answer

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