How to edit Multitv parameter to modx Evo?

The site in modx evo engine has a parameter multitv
Which allows you to select the fields that appear on the website.
File has the following code:
$settings['display'] = 'vertical';
$settings['fields'] = array(
 'key' =--> array(
 'caption' => 'product Name',
 'type' => 'dropdown',
 'elements' => '@SELECT pagetitle, id FROM [+PREFIX+]site_content WHERE published=1 AND deleted=0 AND parent=85 ORDER BY pagetitle,id ASC'
 'value' => array(
 'caption' => 'parameter Value',
 'type' => 'text',
 'width' => '580'
$settings['templates'] = array(
 'outerTpl' => '[+wrapper+]',
 'rowTpl' => '

 [[GetData? &id=`[+key+]` &TV1=`pagetitle` &html=`1`]]

$settings['configuration'] = array(
 'enablePaste' => TRUE,
 'enableClear' => FALSE,
 'csvseparator' => ','

I want to add a couple of fields to select how to do it? Can it be done from the administrative panel or only adding fields manually to a table? In the Internet found nothing on this issue.
June 3rd 19 at 20:59
0 answer

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