What kind of advertising is ideal for a freelance programmer?

Good day
Is there a website portfolio of a programmer, for example: db-web.com.ua
What kind of advertising is perfect for finding customers?
I made a list of any advertisements:
- Context (but I think it is not needed for this subject)
- Targeting (50: 50)
- Banner (inefficient)
- Native (to leave comments for orders freelance)
Advertising in groups in VC (50: 50)
What would you recommend?
Thank you in advance.
June 3rd 19 at 21:02
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June 3rd 19 at 21:04
Anyone that works in plus. And you can only find out by trying (I'm seriously telling).
Channels try approximately in the following order:
  1. Yan + KMS Google + retarget
  2. Contextual advertising Direct + Adwords
  3. Through https://церебро.рф target + retarget
    Before you do targeted advertising in social networks — make a portrait of your target audience (TA), is the most important target. Otherwise, the budget will merge.
    Further, the target ("hit" in your CA, or "not hit") test with "pay per click", and after the tests translate "CPM" (they are cheaper). If you do the opposite — that the budget will end much before the test. CPC put in 2-3 times lower than the default and gradually raise the period of the test.
    Adding tests in the VC your CA — scale to other social networks (FB/QA/Insta)
  4. UPD 1 Through sociate.ru advertising in other people's groups (here, too, first needs a portrait CA)

Be sure to enter a statistics and Analytics of each channel of advertising separately, so you will understand what pays off and what doesn't. Simple tools for this:

In the end, you need to build a sales funnel for each channel of the ad separately and should be considered:
1. The cost of lead. Ya is defined through the Metrics or Google Analytics, you must set a conversion goal for "the visitor left the application."
For example, you drove 1000 5000₽, and 150 of these 1000 (all numbers)— left the application. So the lead is (5000₽ / 1000) * (1000 / 150) = 33,33₽ (or just 5000₽ / 150 = 33,33₽)

2. The cost of the client. Through CRM, or simply Excel. For example, of those 150 leads eventually 30 bought your product/service. Hence, the value of the customer (5000₽ / 1000) * (1000 / 150) * (150 / 30) = 166,67₽ (or just 5000₽ / 30 = 166,67₽)

Total, if a client with VC with pay per click is 166,67 rubles, and the profit (not to be confused with the proceeds!) with this sales excluding advertising = 200 ₽ you in positive territory. If profit = 100₽ you in the red. Most likely on the first tests you will go into minus. See metric, see % failure, see what ads these indicators and the setting of CA in the social network, and zakruchivanie. If the percentage of failures is small (in every niche of his own, but I was guided to 15-20%, and if you don't "jaundice" offer a kind of miracle remedies for weight loss, "jaundice" failure rate and easily 50% maybe ) — you have got your CA, and then you can experiment with the option "pay per impression" and to consider statistics and Analytics had on this channel.

With other channels — Yan, CCM, is in groups, "classical" contextual advertising — all the same, consider the cost per lead, customer for each advertising channel separately and to draw conclusions.

UPD 3 Never draw conclusions on any source of advertising, while there will be not less than 1000 transitions with this source and it will take at least 2 weeks after the start of the test. Otherwise, the sample will be irrelevant.
And again. The tests in most cases need real budgets. Yan+KMS from 10-20 thousand a long way, in social networks from 10-20 thousand a long way, in the "classical" context of Direct,AdWords — from 20-30 thousand ₽
June 3rd 19 at 21:06
Word of mouth.
June 3rd 19 at 21:08
Download profiles in stackoverflow and github, a good client will always find you there.
I personally about this method didn't and the customer, I think, that in especially) - Ralph.Rolfson commented on June 3rd 19 at 21:11
the most interesting customers out at me. - Astrid.Champlin commented on June 3rd 19 at 21:14

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