How to disable startup Wallpaper on your desktop windows 10?

I ask the question because it is already simply do not have the strength to endure is a spontaneous behavior windose 10, the system must perform just what it indicates, and not to live my life, alas the experts of Windows (well, not only they, to the deep unhappiness) believe that everything should be smart and to do what he wants. Something had to get used to, though certainly not pleased that the system executes something according to his will, but I just "kills". I just downloaded (because they never had) pictures and set as Wallpaper, I see it only because I use a third party program for Wallpaper, but when it suddenly shut off and I see on the Wallpaper is neutral the pictures of the girls or guys, as it makes me sick, so I want to ask you who had this happen and how to solve this problem, that would be Wallpaper has been only me, as it should be, not a machine, which is extremely unpleasant. Here is a screenshot 5b4f5eac1e665533625781.pngwhere you can see all the sorrow with which I live :( I would be grateful for any help and willing to suffer much, if only everything worked as it should, not as you think "experts" melkomyagkih.
June 3rd 19 at 21:02
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June 3rd 19 at 21:04
The desktop background Windows does not change itself, or you're some shit I put it in myself (perhaps accidentally), or you build from mommy's hatskera with such a feature.
The only place where Windows manages Wallpaper - lock screen. And she does it so well that I never even think to disable it.
Thank you, clear and understandable. Campaign better the flow download and had to remove the bad functions of Windows. - bernadette commented on June 3rd 19 at 21:07
Decided to find the source of the image, it is at c:\users\mike\appdata\local\packages\microsoft.zunemusic_8wekyb3d8bbwe\localstate\imagecache\20\2zlkpfabf0rrbdlwix9b6keitqibe9ef5wrwo6vxkpy as understand from the name the way it's all the same Windows is doing, is there any other suggestions? Or is there a program that would show what process have added a new file into the current folder ? - bernadette commented on June 3rd 19 at 21:10
Thanks again, found the cause, it's a stupid setup standard store player from Microsoft, there by default is set as the background image of the musician playing music unplugged this is really garbage some OO
I hope that maybe someone else will help and sorry for the Ukrainian on the screen, dabbled in languages - bernadette commented on June 3rd 19 at 21:13

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