What is the link to download the file in the woff2 format in the Request URL?

At the front there is admin for sale of tickets for all sorts of events, events can also be created in the admin area.
I am trying to create an event click the create form opens the create an event, fill it and click the save button twitches a method of preserving at the front which pulls the method of saving a buck, which already saves the event into database. So when I press "Save" in the form displayed a server error and the console shows the error:'internal error' at the XMLHttpRequest.request.onload, and the Network tab shows that request for event creation is successful it is followed by a strange request from the extension woff2, and use the Request URL which if you go file downloaded, though, should trigger a request to get all events, not the request with an extension woff2, but if you close the form and using search to look for the event on the events page, it is there.
This error only occurs when you try to create event on remote server on the local server and on my server (on my machine and my database), this is not what the problem is I can not understand, suddenly faced, thanks in advance!
June 3rd 19 at 21:04
1 answer
June 3rd 19 at 21:06
woff2 format fonts.

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