How to withdraw in Ext.grid.Panel the value field of a linked table?

Hello! Started to learn extJS and stalled.

There are two tables:
Table users: fields [
 id int, 
 login string, 
 id_status int (refers to the id field of the table get_status)
Table get_status: fields [
 id int, 
 string status_name

I want to display Ext.grid.Panel field:
login from users and status_name from get_status appropriate id_status from users

From Hyde took the conclusion in Ext.grid.Panel one table

The model for the users table:
Ext.define('User', {
 extend: '',

 idProperty: 'id',

 fields: [
 name: 'id',
 type: 'int'
 name: 'login',
 type: 'string'
 name: 'id_status',
 type: 'string'

Downloadable data:
var users = Ext.create('', {
 model: 'User',
 autoLoad: true,
 proxy: {
 type: 'ajax',
 url: 'users.php',
 reader: {
 type: 'json',
 root: 'users'

Output in Ext.grid.Panel:
Ext.create('Ext.grid.Panel', {
 title: 'Users',
 height: 200,
 width: 600,
 store: users,
 columns: [
 header: 'ID',
 dataIndex: 'id'
 header: 'Login',
 dataIndex: 'login'
 header: 'Status',
 dataIndex: 'id_status'
 renderTo: Ext.getBody()

Tell me, how to output related values from the table get_status?
July 8th 19 at 11:13

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