Optimal setup Gulp on dev-server project?

Hi, The Toaster.

Continue the development of Gulp and with the emergence of a new issue immediately run here. Got a cool atmosphere and knowing a bunch of people. So.

I have created my project template, set up the config, all neatly laid out and painted. Whether something powerstate in the local view or through the tunnel to show the customer.

But at the current time interested in such a moment. There's a living project, the project has a dev server. On the dev server for a little frontent stood Grunt that were collected from .styl files. Now it wants to move, put a bunch of Gulp + PostCSS.

But you have no idea what you need there. Well it's not all local. It is logical that the need watcher. And not one, to watch and peremabiri.

But what's next? If I can do livereload? Which side to approach from-for a styl file? What to do with Grunt'ohms?
July 8th 19 at 11:21

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