How to make different templates for individual stories?

Hello, tell, please, how you define certain patterns of news. That is the standard single.php (if not mistaken), but I have a main category (portfolio, news), respectively in these categories will have their own categories (about, portfolio>logo, portfolio->icons, news->seo news->html) and news which belong to categories which in turn are subcategories to the portfolio need one template, and for those who belong to the "news" another template. And, on this occasion, as the display of different main categories on different pages, I have a custom template, portfolio page, want to display there only subcategories belonging to the category "Portfolio", and also have a blog template-page also with your design in it and want to get subcategories of category "news"
July 8th 19 at 11:24
1 answer
July 8th 19 at 11:26
Hello, in order to display custom single.php it is possible for example to first create the custom post type, try the plugin Types and it's free sooooo assists) In the plugin there is a link "Types of publications", add your, for example you call it "recipes", then next to single.php create "single-recipes.php" and WordPress will load the template output for a record type recipes from this file. did this a long time some details may have missed, if that is not clear - write, try to understand

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